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The quality of this sign is amazing! Happy customer! Will do business with you guys again. Thank you for the great work!

Eric Bryant

Elizabeth Timmins, Library Director at Muehl Public Library in Seymour, WI loves the new "open" sign, and so do her patrons! She is celebrating Wisconsin Librarian of the Year status for 2016-17. Thank you!


Hello, I received the sign and the quality is excellent. I have a couple questions, I’ve read online that it’s a good idea to turn the sign off when not in use because it’ll extend the life of the sign. Is that true? Also is it okay to turn the sign off by pulling the extension cord out of the outlet or do I have to pull the two chains on top of sign? It’s just easier for me to unplug the cord from outlet than climbing on top of bar to pull the two chains. Will it harm the sign by just unplugging it from outlet? I’ll attach a pic of sign in my bar.


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