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Books Animated LED Sign

Price: $223.00
List Price: $279.00
SKU: TSSL100-7478
Size: 18" Tall x 30" Wide x 1" Deep
Colors: Blue, Red and White
Custom Made to OrderShips in 6-7 Business Days - Availability: Yes
Free Shipping in Continental U.S, Canada and more
Our Customer Feedback:
Books Animated LED SignI don't have a picture of the sign I purchased. I got it as a gift from some friends that own a new Mexican Restaurant in town. It is the best looking neon sign (quality and all) that they have up in their front window.

Rating: 4.5

Books Animated LED Sign is 18" Tall x 30" Wide x 1" Deep size consists of Blue, Red and White LED's giving it a classic and authentic glow. Still a prominent choice to advertise the business and attract customers. That engaging flashing dot will force every stroller to notice your store. Books Animated LED Sign is visible in daylight and is glittering and more attractive at night, giving you a competitive edge over your competitors. Books Animated LED Sign LED Dot Sign to your service 24/7, adding a fraction of cost to your electricity bill.

Customize neon light: Every LED Dot sign is hand-made by our diligent artisans and can be customized on your request, be it changing the colors of text or border, altering size to fit your venue, or any personal touch of flashing. We have it all covered.

Warranty: "We have less than 1% breakage rate".To cover these rare occurrences for Neon LED Dot Signs, we provide a year warranty from the date of purchase form any manufacturing defects.

Installation: Books Animated LED Sign flex signs can easily be hung on the wall or storefront window with the help of robust metal chains without any professional help.

Features: Ready to use indoor sign lightweight and energy-efficient, uses only 10 watts of power, which is 6 to 10 times less power than Neon Signs. Books Animated LED Sign includes Blue, Red and White colors, and dimensions are Books Animated LED Sign is 18" Tall x 30" Wide x 1" Deep. Books Animated LED Sign sign is value for money, has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It has a bright and attractive visual impact, which is easy on the human eye.

Description: LED DOT Sign is handcrafted by experts, fitting each LED Dot according to the design shape. An idea or message is conveyed in classic glowing colors. It mounted on very rugged black acrylic backing. Books Animated LED Sign usually are shipped within 5-7 standard days. In the case of Rush, the order can be delivered within two days with additional cost.

Inviting animation: With LED dot, animation can depict ideas that other light signs can't, like moving waves, action heroes, running borders, endless possibilities. Animation is engaging and alluring, making you noticeable in the commercial market.

Safety: Neon LED Dot Signs do not emit any harmful radiation and are safe to touch. It is a fully enclosed light sign to make sure it reaches you in perfect condition; we take extra precautions to pack LED dot signs for rough transit.

Package includes:

  • Included A/C Adapter works with both 110VAC and 220VAC
  • 6 feet Power cord (can be customized on your demand with additional cost)
  • Hanging chains

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